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Boost your work culture, increase your bond and grow your business through an all time experience with Rotorua Ziplines.

Let us push your teams boundaries and connections through a customised experience that will become the benchmark for all your future functions. 

No group is too big or small.

We will create the experience to suit and ensure everyone has the trip of a lifetime. 

We love a challenge so if you want to design a longer experience with food or mix it up with rafting, paddleboarding or add a hotpool, we have you covered.

We are based next to the Okere Falls Store with an amazing selection of kai, inu (drinks) including a German beer garden. 


Rotorua Ziplines is an educational experience on so many levels delivered in a way that will be absorbed by even the most distracted students.

Every tour brings amazing insight into both Te Ao Maori and the sustainable practices customarily for centuries, coupled with modern technological breakthroughs that ensure a successful reforestation project. 

We will cater your educational encounter for all classroom sizes and shape the tour for your desired outcomes. 

We can cater for schools of all ages and educational levels from the ages of 5 right up to our elders with a number of NCEA achievement standards available.

Let Rotorua Ziplines take your education to new heights through our world leading experience. 


Our course is aimed to be well rounded but there is a requirement to walk approx 400m within the journey. If you are at all worried then please reach out to us