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If soaring through the air like a bird over waterfalls sounds like something you would enjoy, then Rotorua Ziplines is going to blow your socks off.

Located just 20 minutes from Central Rotorua in the paradise of Ōkere Falls we offer four epic ziplines, a swing bridge, a network of elevated boardwalks. It is the perfect activity to create lifelong memories.

Our Ziplines are located above the famous Kaituna River (Ōkere awa).

Guided by two local guides, they will keep you entertained with stories of our ancestors and our deep connection with the area.

You will sip on ancient Māori tea’s and then get your hands dirty as you plant a native tree in your name to become a part of our reforestation mission. 

Allow 2.5 hours - 632m of Ziplines - 1 Swing Bridge  - 400m of Boardwalks.


Highlights of the tour include being suspended over the Kaituna River (Ōkere Awa), flying over three waterfalls, including the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world - 7m Tutea Falls.

Zooming at speeds of up to 40km/hr down our longest zipline - 236m or race your buddy down the dual zip, you are in for a great trip.

Be a part of our Okere Falls reforestation project by planting a native tree with your name on it and enjoy sipping on Ancient Maori Teas.


Our course is aimed to be well rounded but there is a requirement to walk approx 400m along the boardwalk within the journey. If you are at all worried then please reach out to us.

Weight limits and restrictions

We want everyone to have the ability to experience the wonder of Rotorua Ziplines.

Age should never be a barrier, so that's why our experience caters for almost all ages. 

Minimum Age is 5, and those up to 15 have to be accompanied by a guardian over 18

Maximum Weight 130Kg