10 Best Family and Beginner-Friendly Biking Trails in Rotorua

December 27, 2023

Rotorua, New Zealand, is not just a mountain biking mecca for experienced riders; it's also an excellent destination for families and beginners looking to explore the joys of biking in a breathtaking natural setting. The Whakarewarewa boasts lush forests and carefully designed trails, providing a perfect playground for riders of all ages and skill levels. In this blog, we explore the top 10 family and beginner-friendly biking trails in Rotorua that promise memorable outdoor adventures for everyone.

Hemo Gorge Trail

Difficulty: Easy

This 5.5-kilometer trail follows the picturesque Puarenga Stream, offering a gentle ride with minimal elevation changes. It's an ideal starting point for families and beginners to explore Rotorua's natural beauty.

The Redwoods - Dip Road to Nursery Road:

Difficulty: Easy

The Redwoods forest is famous for its mountain biking, but there are family-friendly options too. Dip Road to Nursery Road is a 3-kilometer loop that introduces riders to the stunning Redwood trees without challenging terrain.

Whakarewarewa Forest - Tahi Trail:

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Tahi Trail combines manageable inclines with beautiful forest scenery, making it suitable for those looking to progress from easy to slightly more challenging rides.

Te Ara Ahi - Waipa to Waiotapu:

Difficulty: Easy

Part of the Te Ara Ahi network, this 15-kilometer trail takes you through geothermal wonders, making it an educational and adventurous family outing.

Te Ara Ahi - Thermal by Bike (Short Loop):

Difficulty: Easy

If you want a taste of Rotorua's geothermal wonders without a long ride, the short loop of Thermal by Bike is perfect. It's only 2 kilometers but offers a unique experience.

The Redwoods - Tokorangi Pa Road:

Difficulty: Easy

Tokorangi Pa Road is a scenic ride suitable for families and beginners. It's a wide, well-maintained gravel path that winds through the majestic Redwoods.

Blue Lake Trail:

Difficulty: Easy

Start your family adventure at the stunning Blue Lake. This 5-kilometer loop offers gentle terrain, beautiful lake views, and opportunities for a refreshing swim.

Te Ara Ahi - Te Koutu Lake Loop:

Difficulty: Easy

This short loop (4 kilometers) takes you around the tranquil Te Koutu Lake, providing a relaxed and picturesque biking experience for families.

Whakarewarewa Forest - Pohaturoa Bridge Loop:

Difficulty: Easy

Pohaturoa Bridge Loop is perfect for beginners and families. It's a short ride with a few easy climbs, offering a taste of the Whakarewarewa Forest's beauty.

Whakarewarewa Forest Loop:

Difficulty: Easy - Intermediate

This 30km loop takes you around the entire forest. Enter and exit the loop where you please and jump into other parts of the forest with ease. Don't forget to pack your snacks!

Rotorua's wealth of family and beginner-friendly biking trails ensures that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor adventures this region has to offer. Whether you're pedaling through majestic Redwoods, exploring geothermal wonders, or enjoying serene lakeside views, Rotorua's biking trails provide a fantastic way to experience the beauty of New Zealand's North Island together with your loved ones, creating lasting memories in the process. The Rotorua Ziplines team are full of knowledge about the Whakarewarewa Forest trails, we'd be happy to point you towards the best suited trails for your groups abilities.

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