Gift Vouchers make the Best Presents! Here’s Why…

December 12, 2022

Gift Vouchers make the Best Presents! Here’s Why…


There’s nothing worse than forgetting to get someone a gift, oh wait… yes, there is; getting a special person something that they don’t even like!


Even if you buy something that's been made to last, you’re never guaranteed to get it right when it comes to gifting. Regardless of whether it ends up in the bin, at a charity shop or being gifted again to another awkward recipient, giving people stuff they don't want can be wasteful.

Luckily, there's a pretty simple way to bypass bad gift purchasing, where you can give someone the perfect present they'll actually remember.

The answer? Gift Vouchers.


Give the Gift of an epic experience and it will not only save you money, energy & embarrassment, you will also be doing your part in helping to save the planet!  

Sounds pretty good, right?


If you’re still not quite convinced, here’s why Gift Vouchers make the best gifts:  


No more unwanted gifts

Buying things that aren’t wanted isn't just awkward - it’s a waste of money, time and resources. By giving the gift of choice, a gift voucher eliminates the chance of a disappointing present, and empowers your recipient to choose something they actually need.


It’s kinder to the environment

It’s not just unwanted gifts that might find their way to landfill, choosing cheaply-made gifts that break in a few months doesn’t do a whole lot of good.

Even on a budget, vouchers can be a great way to make sure your hard earned $$ doesn’t go to waste, with different experiences to choose from.

Added bonus - no wasteful wrapping paper required!

Gift from ANYWHERE

With the uncertainty the last few years has brought us, sometimes we simply can’t be together in person on special days.

With a voucher you can either email it directly or print it off and send it with a lovely card to keep it personal.


A gift with a story

When you gift someone an experience from a local business like Rotorua Rafting, you’re not just gifting an adventure, you’re contributing to a community, to a story, a brand and to a wider mission. When you give someone an experience voucher, you're not just presenting them a soulless voucher.

You can be apart of our regenerative & sustainable journey, whilst being immersed in the rich cultural history of Ōkere Falls, Rotorua.


Money well spent

The gift-giving expectations we place upon ourselves are pretty strong, we can sometimes forget our money is hard-earned, and shouldn’t be thrown away so thoughtlessly! Gifting an experience ensures that gift purchases are productive, thought-through and wanted. This is a way to respect your money, and the time you spent earning it.


Don’t rush into a bad purchase

We’ve all been there - that anxiety-ridden power walk around the shop buying a last minute gift that they probably won’t even like. A gift voucher is not only stress-free and instantaneous, it allows the recipient to choose when they redeem their gift, without any rush!


Buying experiences over things is much more sustainable and enjoyable.

Not only that, it lasts a lifetime!

So steer away from silly sweaters and scented candles (we’re looking at you Aunty Sharon). Gifting experiences is where it’s at.


Get your vouchers online now and we’ll chuck in an extra $20 off per voucher, just to say good on ya for choosing the better gift!

Use the promo code XMAS at the­­­ checkout to score this epic deal…

We're big on doing our part to slow the effects of climate change, you can learn more about our sustainability story here.

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