Instaworthy spots in the Bay of Plenty  

October 20, 2022

“Do it for the gram” a new age saying meaning: if you don’t photograph it and put it online, it never happened.

While we kind of disagree with the ethics and morality of this social takeover, there’s no denying that the Bay of Plenty has some pretty epic “instaworthy” spots, so you can feel/look like an influencer in the wild…


Okere Falls



You could say Rafting & Ziplining over the Okere Awa is one of those must-prove activities. After all, flying over the worlds highest commercially rafted waterfall offers some pretty epic views.

If you aren’t someone to partake in the more exciting activities, there’s still plenty of reason to visit the Okere Falls River walking track.

If all of that isn’t enough to convince you Okere Falls is a mecca for photography, stop in at the Okere Falls Store and snap apic of their mouth watering food…  





Rotorua is known as a geothermal wonderland, with bubbling mud baths, potent sulphur and geothermal pools attracting people to the town for many years. Wai-O-Tapu is hands down one of the most colourful attractions in New Zealand. With a range of walks and witness the steaming grounds, naturally vibrant hot springs and large volcanic craters, it’s hard to take a bad photo here.


Redwoods/Whakarewarewa Forest

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The Whakarewarewa forest is a stunning natural attraction. Escape the bustling of the Rotorua town centre and enjoy this welcome escape with a peaceful vibe and an outstanding range of exotic and native trees. You’ll feel small amongst the towering Californian Redwoods, and watch in awe as the sun pierces through the treetops.



Lake Tarawera



Tarawera is a go-to for sunrise or sunset, with a perfectly placed jetty and the surrounding mountains in the distance.



Hamurana Springs



This hidden gem is known for its crystal clear water, bubbling from the ground below. Take an hour and walk through the natural reserve, alongside the fresh spring.



Mauao – Mt Maunganui



Mount Maunganui is a gorgeous place on the east coast of the north island with one of the best beaches of New Zealand. But that's not all! 200 meters high and 45minute walk 200 meters high will see you at the summit of Mauao. From up there you'll be welcomed by 360-degree views over the entire Bay of Plenty. With viewpoints, rocks or other elements around to make the perfect Instagram shot!



McLaren Falls Park


McLaren Falls Park has everything you need for a great day in the outdoors; walkways, waterfalls, amazing picnic spots and plenty of tranquil water to go for a paddle. A popular spot for camping, fishing, kayaking, disc golf, wedding photos, picnics, bush walks and summertime concerts.

One of the highlights of the park is the waterfall track where you can see glow worms after dusk.  





 The Wairere Track weaves its way through moss covered rocks and tree roots. Large round boulders form natural pools and cascading waterfalls. Chill in the pool at the top, you’ll have likes for days!






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