The Ultimate Okere Falls Work Do

September 25, 2022
Let Rotorua Ziplines take the hard mahi out of this years Staff Party, Christmas Function or Work Do.

We’ll sort it & you get the praise from all of the happy team!

Together with Rotorua Rafting, Okere Falls Store & Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools, we’ve created the ultimate full-day, tailored experience for your crew.


Here’s the Deets:

Soar Through Native Canopy

Experience a 2.5 hour journey that will have you soaring above the Okere Awa on a total of 4 ziplines, one swing bridge, interacting within the Ōkere Falls forest on a series of boardwalks, sipping on ancient teas and becoming a part of our reforestation mission. 

Raft the Kaituna

What better way to get the team a little out of their comfort zones than sending it over the worlds highest commercially rafted waterfall?

The Kaituna River (Okere Awa) is home of Okere Falls, Kaituna Fall, and Tutea Falls; the infamous 7 meter waterfall. The Kaituna provides not only a stunning atmosphere, but thrills to entertain everyone in the group.

Soak in the Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools

 Being accessible only by boat or by air is what keeps this haven so unspoiled and pristine. After a day of adventure activities, there’s nothing better than enjoying a soak in natural mineral hot pools surrounded by clear blue lake water.


Dine at the Okere Falls Store

Award winning toasties, mouth-watering burgers and a selection of New Zealand Craft Beer, Wine & Cider sound like a good way to finish the day? Thought so…

Rotorua’s best eco-friendly café is conveniently located right next door to our base.


Why us?

- No group is too big or small.

- Perfect for everyone in the group.

- The Best Group Offers & Combo Deals in Rotorua.

- #1 Rated Activity on Trip Advisor

- World Class Guides

Do it your way: Raft with Rotorua Rafting, Zip with Rotorua Ziplines, Eat at the Okere Falls Store & Soak in the Manipuria Springs.

Let Rotorua Ziplines design your Ultimate Work Do!

Get in touch today and let us make your work do, office party, or Christmas Function EPIC!

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