Top 6 FREE Natural Attractions in Rotorua

August 20, 2023

We know it; Rotorua is AWESOME!

Buzzing with geothermal activity, colourful lakes, beautiful forests & adventure.

Whether you're travelling on a budget or ready to splash out, there's so many opportunities to see all that Rotorua has to offer for FREE!

So, we've put together our Top 6 Free Natural Attractions for you to see and do while visiting Rotorua.

Okere Falls Walking Track

We love Okere Falls, home of the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world, Tutea Falls. Even by itself, it packs stunning falls and pristine natural beauty. You might even see some rafts in action!

Where? 20km from Rotorua on Trout Pool Road off State Highway 33

Okere Falls - Rotorua - Waterfalls

Kerosene Creek

On your way to Taupo from Rotorua stop by the beautiful Kerosene Creek. The base of Rainbow Mountain will lead you right to the free  thermal pools and natural waterfall feature.

Where? About 30km south of Rotorua, off State Highway 5 (between Rotorua and Taupo) down Old Waiotapu Road. You'll find Kerosene Creek 2km down the gravel road.

Redwood Forest

The Whakarewarewa Forest boasts a gigantic network of mountain biking and walking tracks. If you're keen to hire a bike to see further into the forest. Get a bike from your hostel or hire one in town and head to this mountain biker paradise!

Where? 5km southeast of Rotorua city centre along Long Mile Road.

Government Gardens

Sitting in front of the Rotorua Museum, the Government Gardens are the pride of the Rotorua community. It is both a historically and physically beautiful part of Rotorua, the perfect place to just simply chill out. The Rotorua Museum is a great thing to see on a rainy day in Rotorua.

Where? You'll find the lakeside Government Gardens in the heart of Rotorua, down Queens Drive, can't miss it!

Kuirau Park

Kuirau Park is literal proof of the geothermal activity happening right under Rotorua. You'll find shallow hot pools, bubbling mud, and so much steam!

Where? Located on the outskirts of the city centre, on Pukuatua Street & Ranolf Street

Lake Tikitapu

Take a hike or just chill out by the blue lake Tikitapu, when you're done grab a bite to eat at the super cool Airstream Café! A popular swimming & hangout spot for locals & travellers alike.

Where? Along Te Ngae Road then along Tarawera Road at the roundabout, you’ll weave your way through native bush before you see its big blue glory!

For more local tips & tricks on all things Rotorua, check out our previous blog for what to do in Rotorua at Night!

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